Sunday, September 30, 2012

Without rivalry or fear

 From "The place of the church and the agony of Anglicanism" by Stanley Hauerwas (and very Rene Girard it is, too!):
[Rowan] Williams observes that the New Testament testifies to the creation of a pathway between earth and heaven that nothing can ever again close. A place has been cleared in which God and human reality can belong together without rivalry or fear. That place is Jesus. It is a place where a love abides that is at once vulnerable and without protection. It is a place in which human competition does not count:
"a place where the desperate anxiety to please God means nothing; a place where the admission of failure is not the end but the beginning; a place from which no one is excluded in advance."
According to Williams, the role of church is to take up space in the world, to inhabit a place where Jesus's priesthood can be exercised.

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