Friday, May 24, 2013

Lands we did not dream existed....

From A Member's-Eye View of Alcoholics Anonymous - a brilliant little 1960s-era (approximately) pamphlet.   (Warning:  contains no inclusive language.)
The house that A.A. helps a man build for himself is different for each occupant, because each occupant is his own architect.  For many, A.A. is a kind of going home - a return, like the Prodigal Son's, to the house and the faith of his fathers.  To others, it is a never-ending journey into lands they did not dream existed.  It does not matter into which group one falls.   What is really important is that A.A. has more than demonstrated that the house it builds can accommodate the rebel as well as the conformist, the radical as well as the conservative, the agnostic as well as the believer.  The absence of formalized dogma, the lack of rules and commandments, the nonspecific nature of its definitions, and the flexibility of its framework - all the things we have thus far considered contribute to this incredible and happy end.

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