Friday, August 2, 2013

"Brene Brown Returns to Church (and Finds Jesus Weeping)"

Dave Zahl posted this at Mockingbird a week or so ago; I don't know who Brene Brown is, but this is really pretty great.   I really appreciate her talking about "what she wanted" in a church upon her return - and then about what actually happened.  To me, this is more good evidence that Christian faith really is, at its best, about diving into the real stuff of what's important - about getting under the skin - and is truly about "making all things new."

I like very much, too, her pointing to the process of growth, and that "something has to die" - i.e., there is unavoidable pain at the heart of it all.   We die, eventually.  Of course, that shouldn't be too surprising in a faith whose symbol is the cross itself - but, it definitely can be anyway.
Too awesome to bury in a weekender post, our love affair with Brene continues: 

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