Saturday, May 31, 2014


Some thoughts:
  • It's odd to spend weeks mentally compressing your own life (and the lives of your ancestors, whose junk you still have) down into a 10'x10'x9' storage compartment.
  • I really hate tchotchkes - yet I feel the need to drag them around with me wherever I go, apparently.  (That's the "junk of ancestors" factor again.)
  • Are hardcover books antiques yet?
  • To me, almost nothing that came after the 40s is at all interesting or worth keeping.  But I think the 50s-through-the-70s is really "antique" now, and some of that stuff looks really old and interesting to younger people.
  • (Don't get me wrong:  my favorite decade of all was the 70s.  But that's at least partly because everything was really cheesy then.)
  • I found two 40s-era Flexible Flyers, my childhood toboggan (a Christmas gift I still remember seeing for the first time under the tree), and a red Sno Wing in the garage rafters.  It's definitely "Rosebud" around here right now.
  • The thing I'm saddest about leaving/breaking up is my father's workbench.  It's just an old homemade piece of junk, but he sure loved working in that shop.  Everywhere I look in the house there's evidence of his handiwork:  shelves, refinished furniture, radiator and air-conditioner covers, etc.  There's this hilarious old wooden vice attached to the edge of the bench; I have to remember to take that.  And you should see some of the old tools!  
  • I gave the rhubarb away to the neighbors; it's at least as old as I am, and maybe goes back even further, since I believe it came from my grandfather's garden.  He bought his house in I think 1920, so the plants could easily be 90 years old.  
  • What in God's name should I do with my mother's wedding dress?  A garment, that is, worn exactly once, in 1942?  Maybe some great-granddaughter would like it....
  • Paperback books?  Why?
  • There are tintype photos here, too - definitely to be saved - but I have no idea who's in them.
  • I have a very complicated schedule worked out now involving trucks and junk, and the exact dates and times I will use the trucks to throw the junk out.   I think of it as my just-in-time logistics operational guide.
  • More later, no doubt.....

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